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The Oxford University Medical Education Fellows (OUMEF) programme aims to enable postgraduate trainees to develop as medical educators and leaders in education. They work together, with the support of Oxford University, to promote, coordinate and quality-assure excellence in the medical education of students and doctors.


They provide a forum for the discussion of educational ideas, provide supervision for the educational aspect of training and provide support for personal medical education development, both informally and leading to formal qualifications. They work as a group to develop ambitious medical education projects and there are opportunities for the application of individual teaching knowledge and skills. 

Trainees can enter the programme as Members from FY1 onwards, GP trainees and other trainees at ST3 or above are expected to progress to become Fellows. The Programme will provide annual appraisals to support trainee doctors obtain their objectives within education and launch their careers as Medical Educators and Leaders in the region and the wider NHS.

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